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The Good Girls Gift Guide for Everyone Else

Today I am blogging with a group of “Good Girls” again – so fun! Our theme is gifts for everyone else. I had a blast pinning to my hearts content items that I want to buy for the boys. I won’t be able to get everything on their wish lists (hello Jeep Rubicon), but that […]

All that Glitters

We all need a little sparkle in our lives and some of us like a lot. Heather and I both love sparkle almost as much as we love Pinterest. Not only do we work together, she has been guest blogging here frequently and we are also cousins…..who used to dress like twins when we were […]

Decorating your tree? There’s an app for that!

Super excited today to have another post by Heather Bourne. We were discussing tree decorating and she told me about a great app she uses and I said “You have to blog about that!”.  Enjoy – Jen   Step by Step Tree Decorating Tutorial Everyone who knows me knows that I love the holidays. I […]

Guest Post – Spot decorating for fall

Today I am excited to have my first guest post! Heather an escrow officer by trade and is know for her decorating and design skills. Hopefully she will start her own blog soon to share more information and decorating tips, but you can follow her on other social media channels in the meantime. -Jen   […]

November 2, 2006

November 2, 2006 will be a day I will never, ever forget. I can still remember exactly where I was at, driving around a big curve, in Dallas, Texas on my way to work after dropping off Bub at school when my mom called. I still feel sick to my stomach when I recall answering […]

The “Glamorous Life” of a mommy blogger…..

Keeping up a personal blog has been on my “To Do” list for a while. I wanted to write witty stories about life, document cool craft projects and write succinct posts on non-profits and how they can utilize social media. The blogging project came with its own “To Do” list I have been recently trying to tackle. […]

South Texas Heritage Museum + Free tickets!

This post has been in my drafts for a while – this blog entry is on my first visit to the Witte Museum’s South Texas Heritage Center. Since that time I was invited back for a Mommy & Me blogging tour this past Friday and I will share that visit later in the week. I […]


My husband encouraged me to start a blog and a personal Twitter account over 2 years ago. I did not do it because I felt the accounts I was handling for work were as much as I could handle – frankly more at times – and thought the time for me would come later. I […]