Moving – yeah

So we are in the process of moving. Moving is rough. I know it is necessary and that I am whining, but it still stinks. It has given me a new appreciation, awe and respect for military families who move often and not just across town.

I feel as if I have fallen off the social media wagon and I am looking forward to finishing up our move this week and getting out all the posts in my draft box. I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of great events the last few weeks – robots, dinosaurs and a new baby store! I have lots of photos and information to share as soon as I unpack my laptop power cord and find my camera.

Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting started a Wordless Wednesday series on gratefulness that I have been looking forward to jumping in on. I know it is not Wednesday and its not wordless but here are a few things I have been grateful for this past week:

  • My hardworking husband, Rob
  • My two super patient sons
  • My parent’s and siblings who have helped me so much (I can’t begin describe)
  • U-Haul for boxes with handles
  • Sonic for cherry limeades that have powered me through endless packing and decluttering
  • All the people on my Facebook “Online Sale!” – my whole family thanks for your taking some treasures off our hands so they didn’t have to move them.

I will be back tomorrow to talk about our adventure with Robots 4 U (a sweet robotics camp discount will be included) and Wednesday a really nice group giveaway from the new Crib & Kids store!

Happy Monday!

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Beneath the Flag

In the flurry of New Year’s Resolutions and inspirational sayings that streamed through my Facebook feed the last week, I saw this one.

If Your....

It immediately brought to mind a Kickstarter project that my husband Rob launched last month. You see Rob has always had a heart for our military service members. One of his uncles who was more like a father to him, survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and Rob himself wanted to become a Marine at a young age when he was pulled to take care of his mother and grandmother during illness.

Rob and I met during my transition back to SA from Dallas after Luke passed away. My sister and family needed me here and I knew Bub could use the support of family around him as well. Over the last 5+ years my husband has gotten to know Luke pretty well, as well as you can know someone you never met. We have videos and stories and photos and mementos of a precious and short life well lived. He has also been there with us when we were notified that Luke would be “honored” on TV, my parents rushed to get cable in their new house so we could see what ended up being a 3 second splash of his photo, name, rank and date of death at the end of a TV show.

After months of brainstorming ideas and long hours during his free time Rob came up with the idea for Beneath the Flag. It will be a book (that hopefully will be an eventual series) and a documentary about some of the fallen from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We discussed so many ideas – blogs, websites, books, etc. Do you realize that if we did one blog post per day highlighting a life lost in just Iraq and Afghanistan, there are over 6,000 at this point, it would take us 365 days a year for 15 years to recognize everyone? How staggering is that number? Those are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, spouses and best friends. These people have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country and we think that they deserve to be known as more that a name, rank and date of death. I know that families want their loved ones to be remembered and my husband wants to make that happen. This is not a project to focus on death, this is a project to give a glimpse into the lives of amazing people and helping us to know better who they were.

I know this is a big project. Rob realizes this is a huge project and has made the commitment to make it happen and dedicate his full time attention for 4-6 months (project timeline) to get it done right. I love seeing my husband truly passionate about a project, this project. I have woken up more nights that I can count in the last few months to the dim light from his office shining down the hall while he is working on the website, getting quotes on the cost of printing in the US (shockingly high compared to China) and tweaking the project to make it better.  I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of my husband. He has a great idea, well laid out plans and now he needs help to make it happen.

The Kickstarter campaign expires January 22nd. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter here is how it works – you “pledge” an amount to the campaign and if the funding goal is met by the deadline then you are charged on the end date.  If the full funding amount is not raised then you are not charged and the project goes away. I believe this project deserves to be funded. I believe that no matter what anyone’s political beliefs are we as a country support our military and I would love to see this project funded by donations big or small from all over the nation.

In short, the project will be a beautiful coffee table book with stories and photos directly from family members and friends – a tribute to their loved one in their own words. What makes this unique is that the families will have control of what is said, not from an author, publisher or media members perspective. Beneath the Flag will also have a companion website and a documentary that follows the project being made, visits to families, etc. Please visit the website, Kickstarter page, Facebook page (like it too) and Twitter feed for more details on the project in Rob’s own words including a video he made.

Today I am asking you to do 3 things.

#1 – Spread the word. Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email. If you visit the website Rob has set up, there are sample messages you can cut and paste or edit to fit you.

#2 – Donate. You can donate $5 or $5,000, we need people to donate and the page to get activity and upward movement. I cannot stress how critical this piece is, more people will jump in and donate if they see progress and donations coming in. The process is very fast and easy, you can even log in using Facebook to make your pledge.

#3 – Share ideas and contacts. Do you have a group/organization/company that Rob can come speak with in the next 2 weeks? He is speaking to Gold Star moms next week and will be able to mention the project at a Social Media Breakfast too. More the merrier!

I want to say “Thank you” for reading all the way to the end of my post. I appreciate you listening to me and for your consideration in supporting this project. I know this project has taken me out of my comfort zone, requiring me to step out to ask people to help and I think that is a wonderful thing. I love my husband, his passion for our troops and his dedication to make this project be successful. My honest feeling is if a $30,000+ project on a group of kids toilet papering houses can be funded, a $50,000+ project honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom is totally doable.

Thanks for helping make this happen and I mean that with all of my heart. We have 18 days to go – lets do this! Jen


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The Good Girls Gift Guide for Everyone Else

Today I am blogging with a group of “Good Girls” again – so fun! Our theme is gifts for everyone else. I had a blast pinning to my hearts content items that I want to buy for the boys. I won’t be able to get everything on their wish lists (hello Jeep Rubicon), but that is why it is called a “wish list” right? I decided to shop for my Handsome (husband), Bub (13 year old) and The Bear (1 year old). Here are my picks, please ignore the ugliest collages I have ever seen….

My Handsome is an outdoorsman as well as a savvy technology guy. Here are a few things I know he will love!

Jeep Rubicon * New Sanuks * GPS watch * Arcteryx Softshell Jacket * Climbing Shoes * GPS walkie talkies * Osprey Backpack


My Bub is the funniest kid. When he was 5 his Christmas list was a strawberry plant, a cow and a SoBe drink – that is all. He always wants the most random and funny things. This year his top two items on his list are a 3 pack of sparkling grape juice and a gaming ottoman (I think he knows the cell phone is a no go). Here are some things I know he would be super excited about if they were under the tree. I added a Whole Foods gift card because he is all about their salad bar at the moment and loves making a $9 as often as possible.

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice * Lego’s Basics * Whole Foods Gift Card * Grappling Hook * Sea World Penguin Adventure * Tom’s


The Bear turned 1 last week and is a very easy going guy. He would rather play with silicone measuring spoons than most toys with the exception of his obsession with big brothers legos. Here are some items I just really think he “needs”.

Cardigan onesie * Duplo’s blocks * GAP hoodie * Tom’s * Melissa & Doug Barn Yard Wooden puzzle


Working on this blog helped me solidify my Christmas shopping list, I am terribly behind this year and so I am now inspired and off to get the boys some things they will love and get use out of. Before you head off please visit fellow blogger Tori who writes the fabulous blog “The sTORIbook” for her list of things for everyone else! I guarantee she will have some great items – have you seen how cute she dresses her little one Luke?

For the complete list of items I created for the boys, with links on where to buy them, visit my Pinterest board “The Good Girls Guide“.

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All that Glitters

We all need a little sparkle in our lives and some of us like a lot. Heather and I both love sparkle almost as much as we love Pinterest. Not only do we work together, she has been guest blogging here frequently and we are also cousins…..who used to dress like twins when we were younger (Heather is older by a few months in case you were wondering!)

Lately we have been using the “Secret Boards” on Pinterest to plan parties and share ideas. One our our boards is all about glitter and this week a group of local bloggers decided to put together a blog circle – Patty over at Fete has a great description if you haven’t heard of a blog circle until today. The blog circle is all about glitter so I thought we would join and do a fun, non-work related post about random glittery things that make us smile and share it with all of you.


The Good List : A Glam Holiday Guide
Our Top 10 List!

Hello, cupcake! Get in my belly!  This cupcake is so pretty and sparkly, wonder if it comes in gluten free?

How cute and easy to make are these? Add a little sparkle to your office with an easy DIY on thumbtacks.


A statement necklace can dress up any outfit and make it go from ok to a show stopper!


Toast to a fabulous New Year with this creative center piece to augment your fabulous food.


Essie polish is all the rage right now and we LOVE this easy way to dress your color up even more. Perfect for a holiday party or even for Valentine’s!


What is better than one statement necklace? How about two? We couldn’t decide between the two necklaces so we had to post both. New Year’s Eve party here we come!


Start off your mini me’s glam girl training with ADORABLE sparkly shoes.


Every woman needs a LBD. Fun to wear and a girls best friend this is a sparkly take on a traditional favorite for wearing to a Christmas party, ringing in the New Year or even Valentine’s Day.


Last but not least these shoes would make anyone feel like Cinderella for a day. A girl can dream right?


We hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite sparkly things, you can see more fun things on our (now public) board “All that Glitters“.

For the next post in the “circle” please check out Christina’s All that Glitters post over on her blog, Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget.

What was your favorite thing from the list?


Connect with us online:

Pinterest – Jen & Heather

Facebook – JenHeather

Twitter – Jen & Heather









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Holiday cards, Oh my!

Earlier this week my friend and awesome blogger Lisa at The Pennington Points invited me to join a group of mom bloggers for dinner (and ice cream). We had a great evening hanging out and discussing our Christmas traditions and plans.

We took lots of fun photos (you can check them out on Instagram and Twitter using the #cardworthy hashtag) and she brought sample cards from Shutterfly for us to look at. Now, I have known about Shutterfly for a long time – ordering a photobook from them has been on my “To Do” list – but I have never gotten around to ordering anything. I am now trying to decide which cute and fun Christmas cards to order once we take our Christmas photo this week.

Last year before Christmas (December 7th to be exact) I gave birth to The Bear and wasn’t up to planning photos. I dressed up the new baby in a fun outfit I received as a gift, had the pre-teen hold him in front of the tree and snapped a few photos with my Handsome’s fancy camera….on the auto setting of course since I am no photographer. They weren’t great, but I was proud of myself for taking the photos, having them printed and then signing, stuffing, addressing, stamping and mailing a TON of cards. Here are a few of those photos.

Shutterfly has a family photo site with tips for getting a holiday photo that reflects your family. I would encourage you to visit the site and watch their video to give you ideas and inspiration. I am looking forward to trying out the ideas I have come up with.

For those of you who already have a great photo, Shutterfly has a Cardworthy Facebook Contest where they are giving away prizes including a dream trip for a family of four. It ends tonight so check it out fast.

Are you excited about getting your cards put together? Well guess what? Shutterfly has graciously given me a $50 credit to give away to you all! Leave me a blog post below, the giveaway ends December 14th.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Shutterfly compensated me for my participation, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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