Thoughts on Being Gluten Free

When I became gluten free, it was a long and bumpy process. It isn’t hard especially now to find gluten free food for the most part. My struggles were centered about being diagnosed later in life and giving up foods that were comfortable and familiar. As I became more consistent being gluten free my reactions when “cheating” became more severe. After having my youngest son (The Bear) who is also gluten intolerant, I became very strict because I was nursing and he would get sores that would bleed when he was exposed. Talk about a way to stay on track!

I  think of gluten free people in the following two groups:

1. Diagnosed early in life
2. Diagnosed in late teens/adult

*There is also a difference between people who have been gluten free for two years vs. twenty years when it comes to taste in food. It is much harder to please taste/texture of some one who has had gluten more recently but we will save that for another day.

I think that both categories have challenges. I am in the second category, raising a child in the first. One of my main challenges is traditions attached with food. Figuring out how to make my favorite meals gluten free and learning to deal with replacement foods not tasting as good as the originals (oh bagels how I miss you) is more of a struggle than I would have imagined.

While The Bear doesn’t have anything to compare gluten free food to, he has to navigate events such as birthday parties where he can’t eat what everyone else has and he is not old enough to fully understand why. I am very blessed that he is sweet about it when I say it is not gluten free.

Both groups deal with people’s lack of knowledge about being gluten free and also the indifference some people have because gluten free eating is very trendy right now. We have run in to multiple situations when people think it is a choice rather than a serious health issue including my brother being “glutened” a few weeks ago at a local restaurant.

If you sit and think about the things you normally do – grab donuts, go for ice cream cones, eat cookies your great grandma made, those are all things that involve gluten. It is not just the actual food itself but the memories made while doing those things. Memories my husband I have from growing up that we want to pass on to our children. We have chosen to create new traditions for The Muskrat and The Bear centered around things we can have. It is not a bad thing, just different.

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#Happiness is

Jumping in on the #Happinessis project again with photos from our week of things that definitely made me happy and thankful.


Happiness is…….

Sleeping with a big grin.

sleeping with a smile

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Getting organized – kids clothes edition

Kids clothes are an area that I try really hard to keep organized and under control. I LOVE clothes and fashion, dressing up my boys is something I really enjoy. Bub turned 14 this past week and had a growing spurt. He asked for clothes and received lots, so this week I told him we will be going through his closet and weeding out things that he doesn’t love or don’t fit anymore. I will be doing the same with the Bear as he is wearing 18-24 month even though he is only 15 months.

In the past I have tried a variety of ways to sell their old clothes – resale shops, Craigslist, Facebook “garage sale” groups, and actual garage sales. Recently I was invited to shop a consignment sale and found a few really great bargains, in fact I bought most of the Bear’s Easter outfit at that time (I am in love with his little GAP pants).

Cute baby!

Cute baby!

Just Between Friends is having their San Antonio NW consignment sale April 11-13, 2013 and I have decided to try to tame our recent clothes explosion by consigning. I will be following the “JBF Quick Reference” to prep my items before drop off tomorrow. You price and tag your own items and split the sale with JBF.

JBF San Antonio Northwest Dates

Drop-off: April 9-10
Presale: April 10
Public Sale: April 11 & 12 ($3 admission)
Half Price Sale: April 13

The only Spring JBF San Antonio Northwest sale is being held in Boerne, Texas just outside SA  – 16 miles from Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 

April 11-13, 2013. Kendall County Fairgrounds 1307 River Road (Hwy 46E) Boerne, TX.


Disclosure: @JBF provided me with a consignors pass and a pre-sale pass, all opinions are my own.

Enter below for a chance to win a Prime Time Shopper Pass ($20 value).

ENTRY CLOSED – Ashley K. is the winner!

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