Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

 This week we bought a bunch of organic blueberries and Rob said blueberry muffins sounded really good. I did a quick Google search and came up with a recipe

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Wordless Wednesday – Letting go and making memories

Today’s Wordless Wednesday (topic: Gratefulness) is not wordless, but just hang in there with me. Today I am sharing a video Bub took last week. The boys hang out with my dad and mom most Thursday’s and last week they were working in the yard with Grandpa when I came to pick them up. Bub asked me if I had a few minutes and led me over to a pile of leaves he had been raking asking me to jump in them.

Now we have been really, really busy lately. The move and client work on top of normal life and homeschooling has been more than I felt I could handle at many points in the last 6 weeks. It has been push, push, push and no time to rest. I have been making a conscious effort the last week or so to take breaks from unpacking and chores to stop and play with the boys. It is hard when you are on the roll of constant movement to make yourself stop, breathe and have fun. This is why we Hatton’s are downsizing our home and our lifestyle, this is why we decided to cut down my work schedule to a more manageable part time, to be with the boys more and I am thrilled about it.

Bub wanted to use his new iPhone to take a video of my jump. He was so excited – Bub is about to be 14 next week and in general he is very laid back and calm, seeing him get so absolutely happy that I was willing to jump in his pile was awesome. I ran, I jumped, I squeeled….it was fun! Then as he showed me the video I fought back tears, I wanted to cry. All I could see was my belly at the beginning of the video and how big I have gotten. Those close to me know that I have struggled with my thyroid for about 5 years now on top of my gluten issues. I am happy I have lost all my baby weight, but now I am back to the 30lbs of thyroid weight I gained before the baby that doesn’t want to leave.

I sat there holding his phone and trying to “edit” the video just to take out the first 2 seconds where I could see my belly. Bub said “Mom, you look fine please let me have my phone back?” and then again “Mom, please I will just delete it and retake it ok?” – ouch. In that moment I felt so bad that my issues with my body and my weight were intruding on my child’s happy moment. I may not be ok with my body, but my kids and my husband truly love me and don’t see the extra weight that I do with my critical eye. I handed him back the phone and we took tons more videos even getting my dad and brother #2 to jump on video too.

I have not given up on my fight for a healthier body and I am still not content or at peace with my weight, but I will post the entire video today (its a total of about 6 seconds) anyway. I want my children to have amazing memories, I want them to look back and see how much I loved them and know I enjoyed every minute with them I could. If you live in South Texas go rake some leaves and make some memories too! If you live north of here

Jumping in a pile of leaves


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Crib & Kids


When new businesses open up in town I get excited. I especially enjoy small businesses where you can get to know the owner and support local. Meet the owner of the new Crib & Kids, Courtney!

Photo by ARG Photographs

Photo by ARG Photographs

We were invited to a fabulous bloggers night to visit the new store (I missed the actual event due to moving – boo). A photo opp with hats, mustaches and props? Yes, please! See my sweet blogger friends Tori of The sTORIbook and Stacy of Kids-Stuff-World, seriously check out their blogs.

003 (1)

Photos by ARG Photographs

My two favorite “nursery set ups” in the store are this one for a girl.

Photo by ARG Photographs

Photo by ARG Photographs

This one is my favorite for a boy.

Photo by ARG Photographs

Photo by ARG Photographs

Crib & Kids has so many choices and options to make a unique nursery of your dreams.

Photo by ARG Photographs

Photo by ARG Photographs

They also have many other products for babies and kids outside of furniture. I spy my favorite baby blankets in the whole world that I use even now with my almost 16 month old Aden & Anais….seriously if you have a baby you need these!

Photo by ARG Photographs

Photo by ARG Photographs

Today I am joining a group of local bloggers for a really nice giveaway that runs through 3/20. One winner will be selected and can choose from either the Baby’s Dream Brooklyn Crib or the Baby’s Dream Chelsea Crib.

Chelsea Crib large-brooklyn-crib-espresso

The value of the crib is $399. Please note shipping will NOT be included (it can be picked up in-store). The winner may also elect to receive a $200 credit TOWARDS furniture INSTEAD of the crib.

Visit Crib & Kids website to find out their hours, location and see some of their products.

Also, I want to say “Thank you!” to Amanda of ARG Photographs for all the beautiful photos, visit her website and Facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: I was invited to a bloggers night only event where the crib was donated for a group giveaway. I have not been compensated in any other way and all thoughts and opinions above are my own!!

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Moving – yeah

So we are in the process of moving. Moving is rough. I know it is necessary and that I am whining, but it still stinks. It has given me a new appreciation, awe and respect for military families who move often and not just across town.

I feel as if I have fallen off the social media wagon and I am looking forward to finishing up our move this week and getting out all the posts in my draft box. I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of great events the last few weeks – robots, dinosaurs and a new baby store! I have lots of photos and information to share as soon as I unpack my laptop power cord and find my camera.

Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting started a Wordless Wednesday series on gratefulness that I have been looking forward to jumping in on. I know it is not Wednesday and its not wordless but here are a few things I have been grateful for this past week:

  • My hardworking husband, Rob
  • My two super patient sons
  • My parent’s and siblings who have helped me so much (I can’t begin describe)
  • U-Haul for boxes with handles
  • Sonic for cherry limeades that have powered me through endless packing and decluttering
  • All the people on my Facebook “Online Sale!” – my whole family thanks for your taking some treasures off our hands so they didn’t have to move them.

I will be back tomorrow to talk about our adventure with Robots 4 U (a sweet robotics camp discount will be included) and Wednesday a really nice group giveaway from the new Crib & Kids store!

Happy Monday!

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The Good Girls Gift Guide for Everyone Else

Today I am blogging with a group of “Good Girls” again – so fun! Our theme is gifts for everyone else. I had a blast pinning to my hearts content items that I want to buy for the boys. I won’t be able to get everything on their wish lists (hello Jeep Rubicon), but that is why it is called a “wish list” right? I decided to shop for my Handsome (husband), Bub (13 year old) and The Bear (1 year old). Here are my picks, please ignore the ugliest collages I have ever seen….

My Handsome is an outdoorsman as well as a savvy technology guy. Here are a few things I know he will love!

Jeep Rubicon * New Sanuks * GPS watch * Arcteryx Softshell Jacket * Climbing Shoes * GPS walkie talkies * Osprey Backpack


My Bub is the funniest kid. When he was 5 his Christmas list was a strawberry plant, a cow and a SoBe drink – that is all. He always wants the most random and funny things. This year his top two items on his list are a 3 pack of sparkling grape juice and a gaming ottoman (I think he knows the cell phone is a no go). Here are some things I know he would be super excited about if they were under the tree. I added a Whole Foods gift card because he is all about their salad bar at the moment and loves making a $9 as often as possible.

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice * Lego’s Basics * Whole Foods Gift Card * Grappling Hook * Sea World Penguin Adventure * Tom’s


The Bear turned 1 last week and is a very easy going guy. He would rather play with silicone measuring spoons than most toys with the exception of his obsession with big brothers legos. Here are some items I just really think he “needs”.

Cardigan onesie * Duplo’s blocks * GAP hoodie * Tom’s * Melissa & Doug Barn Yard Wooden puzzle


Working on this blog helped me solidify my Christmas shopping list, I am terribly behind this year and so I am now inspired and off to get the boys some things they will love and get use out of. Before you head off please visit fellow blogger Tori who writes the fabulous blog “The sTORIbook” for her list of things for everyone else! I guarantee she will have some great items – have you seen how cute she dresses her little one Luke?

For the complete list of items I created for the boys, with links on where to buy them, visit my Pinterest board “The Good Girls Guide“.

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All that Glitters

We all need a little sparkle in our lives and some of us like a lot. Heather and I both love sparkle almost as much as we love Pinterest. Not only do we work together, she has been guest blogging here frequently and we are also cousins…..who used to dress like twins when we were younger (Heather is older by a few months in case you were wondering!)

Lately we have been using the “Secret Boards” on Pinterest to plan parties and share ideas. One our our boards is all about glitter and this week a group of local bloggers decided to put together a blog circle – Patty over at Fete has a great description if you haven’t heard of a blog circle until today. The blog circle is all about glitter so I thought we would join and do a fun, non-work related post about random glittery things that make us smile and share it with all of you.


The Good List : A Glam Holiday Guide
Our Top 10 List!

Hello, cupcake! Get in my belly!  This cupcake is so pretty and sparkly, wonder if it comes in gluten free?

How cute and easy to make are these? Add a little sparkle to your office with an easy DIY on thumbtacks.


A statement necklace can dress up any outfit and make it go from ok to a show stopper!


Toast to a fabulous New Year with this creative center piece to augment your fabulous food.


Essie polish is all the rage right now and we LOVE this easy way to dress your color up even more. Perfect for a holiday party or even for Valentine’s!


What is better than one statement necklace? How about two? We couldn’t decide between the two necklaces so we had to post both. New Year’s Eve party here we come!


Start off your mini me’s glam girl training with ADORABLE sparkly shoes.


Every woman needs a LBD. Fun to wear and a girls best friend this is a sparkly take on a traditional favorite for wearing to a Christmas party, ringing in the New Year or even Valentine’s Day.


Last but not least these shoes would make anyone feel like Cinderella for a day. A girl can dream right?


We hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite sparkly things, you can see more fun things on our (now public) board “All that Glitters“.

For the next post in the “circle” please check out Christina’s All that Glitters post over on her blog, Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget.

What was your favorite thing from the list?


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Facebook – JenHeather

Twitter – Jen & Heather









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