Decorating your tree? There’s an app for that!

Super excited today to have another post by Heather Bourne. We were discussing tree decorating and she told me about a great app she uses and I said “You have to blog about that!”.  Enjoy – Jen


Step by Step Tree Decorating Tutorial

Everyone who knows me knows that I love the holidays. I like decorating and enjoy walking in and out of my home each day with holiday decorations all around.

The center of holiday decorations for many people is their Christmas tree and I want to show you a really great tool for putting a tree together this year that you will really love. For all my “OCD” friends out there that are looking to create that perfect tree…..look no further…..I have an app for you. You can visit Show Me Decorating online or download it in the iPhone App Store on your phone.

You get a menu that allows you to choose your theme, tree and various decorations.

The app allows you to pick your theme and then provides great suggestions based on what you choose. It also provides extremely helpful information, based on your size of tree, on how many bows and yards of ribbon you will need.

You choose your tree height and width (at the bottom).

You then move on to adding bows (if you are using bows in your decor) in which is shows you the placement along with a short video.

Then next is ball placement with great suggestions for using different sizes of balls and how to place branches to create size and depth.

Last you add florals and ornaments with details on grouping, colors stories and themes.

I have used Show Me Decorating to put together my tree and after a few finishing touches I can’t wait to share it on my Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Have you put up your tree yet? What colors or theme are you going to use?