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Guest Post – Spot decorating for fall

Guest Post – Spot decorating for fall

Today I am excited to have my first guest post! Heather an escrow officer by trade and is know for her decorating and design skills. Hopefully she will start her own blog soon to share more information and decorating tips, but you can follow her on other social media channels in the meantime. -Jen


Spot decorating for fall

Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. Today I want to show you how to spot decorate areas around your home for fall including your fireplace mantel, a table top, kitchen, porch and a few other decorating ideas and shopping tips.

Let’s start with the fireplace mantel. When decorating use what I call the Z method. Left top – Cluster, Right top – Single, Left bottom – Single and Right bottom – cluster. You want to alternate a cluster of items with a single item.

My fall fireplace

When you spot decorate remember odd numbers, my favorite is decorating in 3’s.

Close ups of top left and bottom right cluster groupings

Another seasonal decorating idea is to add photos to match. Switch out by adding in a fall pumpkin patch photo in your regular photo frames, they can be current or even from previous years. The photo also does not have to be of a person, it can be anything seasonal including a landscape type.

A table top cluster grouping

Enjoy decorating your home and try not to get overwhelmed, each year you can continue to add to your collections. Speaking of adding to your collection, right now is a great time to get fall decorations for a great deal.

Heather’s Hint: If you want to avoid the crowds. Start buying your fall items now and while everyone else is standing in line and fighting over the last matching pumpkin candle on black Friday you can drop in bringing only your receipt and get a price adjustment for the sale price!

DISCLAIMER!! Make sure you ask each and every store location or merchant about their price adjustment policy. Get it in writing so that you can take it with you.

Don’t forget, adding season specific scents to your home ambiance makes it so welcoming to family and friends. My current favorite is Yankee Candle’s Harvest.

My front porch

Heather’s Hint: Add a lantern with a candle at the front door to greet guests with a festive feel and smell before they even walk through your door.

Front porch close up

Where do you get your fall inspiration?

I would enjoy connecting with you on Pinterest, Twitter or on my Facebook page were I share decorating tips and real estate information.



Heather is a client of Concept Evolution, all ideas and information in the post are hers alone!

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