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Happiness Is….

Happiness Is….

Toddlers and drum sets.

photo 3[1]

Visits to the barn.

photo 1

Beautiful sunsets.

photo 2[1]

Fresh eggs.

photo 4

Shopping with friends who order gluten-free treats just for you.


Beautiful flowers from the man of my dreams.


Taking my kids to work with me.

photo 3

Special memories of those you love who have gone to heaven.


Freshly painted toes.

photo 4[1]

Snuggly puppies.

photo 2

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  • OMGosh!! I love this post so so soooo much!!! You’ve inspired me, thank you! <3

    • Jennifer on 

      Thank you Lisa!

  • Cheryl Coker on 

    Jen, you are so creative! Great blog

    • Jennifer on 

      I appreciate your support as always 🙂

  • Jessica on 

    So so sweet.

    • Jennifer on 

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Jessica!

  • Denise on 

    Happiness is pictures and these are some great ones!

    • Jennifer on 

      Thank you, Denise! I enjoy taking photos of life happenings.

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