Moving – yeah

So we are in the process of moving. Moving is rough. I know it is necessary and that I am whining, but it still stinks. It has given me a new appreciation, awe and respect for military families who move often and not just across town.

I feel as if I have fallen off the social media wagon and I am looking forward to finishing up our move this week and getting out all the posts in my draft box. I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of great events the last few weeks – robots, dinosaurs and a new baby store! I have lots of photos and information to share as soon as I unpack my laptop power cord and find my camera.

Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting started a Wordless Wednesday series on gratefulness that I have been looking forward to jumping in on. I know it is not Wednesday and its not wordless but here are a few things I have been grateful for this past week:

  • My hardworking husband, Rob
  • My two super patient sons
  • My parent’s and siblings who have helped me so much (I can’t begin describe)
  • U-Haul for boxes with handles
  • Sonic for cherry limeades that have powered me through endless packing and decluttering
  • All the people on my Facebook “Online Sale!” – my whole family thanks for your taking some treasures off our hands so they didn’t have to move them.

I will be back tomorrow to talk about our adventure with Robots 4 U (a sweet robotics camp discount will be included) and Wednesday a really nice group giveaway from the new Crib & Kids store!

Happy Monday!


  1. Sara Phillips
    Mar 11, 2013

    Moving IS rough – you have the right to complain! We’ve done it several times with the help of friends, but the last time we hired movers. I am not sure my husband will ever let us move without the help of hired hands.

    Hope things go smoothly!

    • Jennifer
      Mar 13, 2013

      Thank you, Sara! I told hubs I would like movers and packers next time too 😉

  2. I have such a love hate relationship with moving! It’s nice to be in a new place but packing is the worst. The more we move the more stuff we get rid of. Things you wanted to save don’t seem so important when you are packing them for the third time with out ever using them.

    • Jennifer
      Mar 13, 2013

      I agree, Lisa! I have been downsizing items for a while and sold a bunch of things we used to “stage” the house for showings that I did not want to move, but I will readily admit I added lots more to the donate and sell piles since when I did not love it enough to want to pack and haul it.

  3. Marla Zickefoose
    Mar 12, 2013

    After moving from Ohio to Texas I would have to agree that moving is of my least favorite things. I hope your able to get settled soon!

    • Jennifer
      Mar 13, 2013

      Thank you so much Marla! That is a big move from Ohio, I can only imagine if I had to do it all at once and not just across town.