Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014 Edition

Last year I decided to do something fun and motivate myself to work out. I joined a group of local blogging ladies and signed up to run the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I was so nervous and out of shape, but ended up having the most amazing time and the obstacles were a blast. If you have ever wanted to do a run like this, go for it! This is a good entry run in my opinion and so enjoyable. I am so excited that this year Dirty Girl has chosen me to be a blog ambassador and given me free entry to the run on December 7th so I can share my experience with you.

Dirty Girl is the nation’s largest women’s-only mud run. It’s a non-competitive muddy obstacle course that’s open to women of all ages and athletic abilities. Cancer survivors run at all Dirty Girl events for free, and Dirty Girl will give $250,000 in 2013 to breast cancer charity Bright Pink. This is especially meaningful for me this year as my 2nd mom Maggie is currently battling breast cancer so this year I am running for her.

The following are a  few things I learned along the way last year:

1. Go with friends who have the same goal, having fun and finishing. If you want to be competitive and are concerned about finishing times this is not the race for you.

2. Don’t stress about the running. There were lots of breaks while waiting for your turn to complete obstacles.

3. You can wear your contacts. I took my glasses, eyewash, etc. as backups just in case but left them in the car.

4. Pay attention to what you wear. Last year I wore a cotton V neck shirt and it did not work well at all. Once it was wet and muddy it stretched out badly. Wear fitting clothing and a padded bra in dark colors. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and exposed when you are trying to have fun. Running shorts or fitted capri’s are fine.

5. Getting your muddy self home. The line for the showers, aka water hoses was long. Hubs helped me wrap in a plastic paint cloth so I could sit in the car and not get the seat or seat belt muddy. I should have taken a photo it must have looked really funny, but it worked well.

6. I saw a variety of shoes, I wore my vibrams five finger shoes and they worked excellent. The mud and water drained out so quickly and did not weigh me down.

7. Bring someone to hold you things and take photos. Glad we had a few husbands who came to cheer us on and take fun photos during the run and at the finish line.

Are you ready to run yet? Dirty Girl Mud Run is giving my blog readers 20% off registration! The run will be Saturday, December 7th and there are different start times you can sign up for. The discount code is DGSANANTONIO. For more information and to sign up please visit their website.

Here are some of the photos from our run last year.


Before the run (2 runners were missing!)


I look ridiculous but hey I was running and smiling!



This is one of my favorites from the finish line.

Want to see more? Visit Blood, Sweat and Minivans post event blog with lots of photos from last year.

Here is a are posts from Morena of Morena’s Corner on DG. I look forward to running with them both this year again.

Have you ever done a fun 5K? Are you planning on doing the DG Mud Run? Please join me!!


(Psst. Don’t forget – use the discount code DGSANANTONIO for 20% off registration!)

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Happiness Is….

Toddlers and drum sets.

photo 3[1]

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Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen


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Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

 This week we bought a bunch of organic blueberries and Rob said blueberry muffins sounded really good. I did a quick Google search and came up with a recipe

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#Happiness is

Jumping in on the #Happinessis project again with photos from our week of things that definitely made me happy and thankful.


Happiness is…….

Sleeping with a big grin.

sleeping with a smile

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Getting organized – kids clothes edition

Kids clothes are an area that I try really hard to keep organized and under control. I LOVE clothes and fashion, dressing up my boys is something I really enjoy. Bub turned 14 this past week and had a growing spurt. He asked for clothes and received lots, so this week I told him we will be going through his closet and weeding out things that he doesn’t love or don’t fit anymore. I will be doing the same with the Bear as he is wearing 18-24 month even though he is only 15 months.

In the past I have tried a variety of ways to sell their old clothes – resale shops, Craigslist, Facebook “garage sale” groups, and actual garage sales. Recently I was invited to shop a consignment sale and found a few really great bargains, in fact I bought most of the Bear’s Easter outfit at that time (I am in love with his little GAP pants).

Cute baby!

Cute baby!

Just Between Friends is having their San Antonio NW consignment sale April 11-13, 2013 and I have decided to try to tame our recent clothes explosion by consigning. I will be following the “JBF Quick Reference” to prep my items before drop off tomorrow. You price and tag your own items and split the sale with JBF.

JBF San Antonio Northwest Dates

Drop-off: April 9-10
Presale: April 10
Public Sale: April 11 & 12 ($3 admission)
Half Price Sale: April 13

The only Spring JBF San Antonio Northwest sale is being held in Boerne, Texas just outside SA  – 16 miles from Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 

April 11-13, 2013. Kendall County Fairgrounds 1307 River Road (Hwy 46E) Boerne, TX.


Disclosure: @JBF provided me with a consignors pass and a pre-sale pass, all opinions are my own.

Enter below for a chance to win a Prime Time Shopper Pass ($20 value).

ENTRY CLOSED – Ashley K. is the winner!

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Wordless Wednesday – Letting go and making memories

Today’s Wordless Wednesday (topic: Gratefulness) is not wordless, but just hang in there with me. Today I am sharing a video Bub took last week. The boys hang out with my dad and mom most Thursday’s and last week they were working in the yard with Grandpa when I came to pick them up. Bub asked me if I had a few minutes and led me over to a pile of leaves he had been raking asking me to jump in them.

Now we have been really, really busy lately. The move and client work on top of normal life and homeschooling has been more than I felt I could handle at many points in the last 6 weeks. It has been push, push, push and no time to rest. I have been making a conscious effort the last week or so to take breaks from unpacking and chores to stop and play with the boys. It is hard when you are on the roll of constant movement to make yourself stop, breathe and have fun. This is why we Hatton’s are downsizing our home and our lifestyle, this is why we decided to cut down my work schedule to a more manageable part time, to be with the boys more and I am thrilled about it.

Bub wanted to use his new iPhone to take a video of my jump. He was so excited – Bub is about to be 14 next week and in general he is very laid back and calm, seeing him get so absolutely happy that I was willing to jump in his pile was awesome. I ran, I jumped, I squeeled….it was fun! Then as he showed me the video I fought back tears, I wanted to cry. All I could see was my belly at the beginning of the video and how big I have gotten. Those close to me know that I have struggled with my thyroid for about 5 years now on top of my gluten issues. I am happy I have lost all my baby weight, but now I am back to the 30lbs of thyroid weight I gained before the baby that doesn’t want to leave.

I sat there holding his phone and trying to “edit” the video just to take out the first 2 seconds where I could see my belly. Bub said “Mom, you look fine please let me have my phone back?” and then again “Mom, please I will just delete it and retake it ok?” – ouch. In that moment I felt so bad that my issues with my body and my weight were intruding on my child’s happy moment. I may not be ok with my body, but my kids and my husband truly love me and don’t see the extra weight that I do with my critical eye. I handed him back the phone and we took tons more videos even getting my dad and brother #2 to jump on video too.

I have not given up on my fight for a healthier body and I am still not content or at peace with my weight, but I will post the entire video today (its a total of about 6 seconds) anyway. I want my children to have amazing memories, I want them to look back and see how much I loved them and know I enjoyed every minute with them I could. If you live in South Texas go rake some leaves and make some memories too! If you live north of here

Jumping in a pile of leaves


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