My husband encouraged me to start a blog and a personal Twitter account over 2 years ago. I did not do it because I felt the accounts I was handling for work were as much as I could handle – frankly more at times – and thought the time for me would come later.

I understand the immense value of a personal brand and it has been on my “to do” list. There were many things that would come up that I wanted to comment on (let’s be real, there were contests I wanted to enter too!) and I would think “I need to get on that” but haven’t. I wanted to join the Sea World “Wild Side” moms and be a “mommy blogger”, write about my journey toward de-cluttering and my travel adventures with my boys, but I kept letting myself get in the way.

A few weeks ago I took the DISC assessment and my result was “Perfectionist”. I realized that while perfectionism has many positives it has negatives as well, one of which for me is not blogging. Reasons to not blog included: my focus is too wide, not sure what post to start with, what if I am a crappy writer, what if no one reads it, tough job transition, newish baby, lack of creativity, etc. all preventing me from doing what I ultimately want to do – write a darn blog and get my thoughts out!

So here is to no more excuses, putting myself out there, being vulnerable, taking chances and for those of you who follow Seth Godin – SHIP. I can’t improve on something that hasn’t been started so here it goes!

First post done.

Jen – 1

Bad side of perfectionism – 0