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Smoothie Recipe: Chocolate!

Smoothie Recipe: Chocolate!

Our current smoothie obsession! I love how flexible this is, I can switch out the milk type and nut butter to fit each of my children’s allergies and what I have on hand.

A big benefit of this shake is it has no artificial colors, no processed sugar and has beneficial fruit, option veggies and lots of protein. You can have this shake anytime with no guilt!

Throw the following ingredients* in your mixer, no particular order:

2-3 frozen bananas

1.5+ cups milk of choice

3-4 dates OR honey

1/4 ish cup Cacao powder 

Big spoonful of nut butter

Optional: Handful of spinach (my kids don’t notice!), chia seeds and hemp seeds.

*Organic when possible.

Mix (we have a @vitamix) and serve, it tastes close to a chocolate frosty or milkshake!

Our favorite mix is flax or almond milk, peanut butter and dates.

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