The “Glamorous Life” of a mommy blogger…..

Keeping up a personal blog has been on my “To Do” list for a while. I wanted to write witty stories about life, document cool craft projects and write succinct posts on non-profits and how they can utilize social media.

The blogging project came with its own “To Do” list I have been recently trying to tackle.

Mommy Blogger To Do List:

1. Take pretty photo for “About Me” page.

2. Come up with something amazing, funny and all around awesome for the “About Me” page.

3. Go to cool events.

4. Take professional photog quality photos.

5. Run really neat giveaways.

So I started working down the list. I found a good enough photo, typed up a few about me items, gone to 3 pretty cool events, taken a couple of cute photos and this week even a really neat giveaway (my 1st!).

What I did find is the life of a mom blogger (no matter what topic you blog about) is not quite as seamless as you would think. I am now finding out how a post really gets put together.

Find out about really cool event from amazing blogger friends.

RSVP to really cool event.

Get Handsome Hubby to go with you to help wrangle kids.

Arrive at event where Handsome Hubby realizes no other “guys” are there and gets his friend to pick him up for a “meeting”.

While watching cool event demo the baby tries to pull your top down to get to boobies.

Snap tons of cute photos of baby….I mean focus on the cool demo darn it.

Come home from cool event – rest and recover.

Later in the evening attempt to download massive number of photos on to the iPad while fighting over the iPad with the baby and a teen who wants to watch videos on Minecraft.

Wake up early the next day while baby is sleeping so you can hurry and put post together and you type like a maniac…


Baby “magically” wakes up so you give baby to teen (yeah for last days of summer) and type like a maniac…..


Teen brings up baby with a poop explosion diaper, baby then sticks his hand in diaper and so once you clean it up you have to clip his fingernails and disinfect his hands.

and then…..

Baby starts grunting and head butting your boobs signaling he wants to eat (obviously the baby sign language you are working so hard on is not taking).

When you finally. send. him. off. with the teen again and remember to get back to finishing your “blog”…

you realize “oh yeah” it is now time to make lunch.


So I want to know – how do YOU put blog posts together?