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Tree Frog’s Food Allergy List

Tree Frog’s Food Allergy List

I thought it might be helpful to go ahead and keep a list of Tree Frog’s food allergies here on the blog.

FPIES triggers vary widely despite many common trigger foods so this might be helpful for other allergy parents when utilizing recipes or FPIES friendly food and treat lists I share to know if their allergens match up. One allergen we DON’T deal with is corn and I know many families do.

IgE* – eggs, almonds

We have finally tested negative on prick and blood tests for both egg and almonds, but will not be officially removing them from our list until our hospital trial on 11/08/19. He can have baked egg but baked foods are a challenge for us with his limited flour and milk options.

FPIES – Soy*, Dairy, Oats, Rice, Peas, Pumpkin/Squash, Plums, Dragon Fruit, Benadryl

*Soy lecithin is the exception, it does not seem to affect him.

Other – Gluten

Currently working on trialing – Green beans, plums

Recent passes** – Raspberries, Wheat (as an FPIES trigger), Dates, Peanuts, Watermelon

**This is a huge deal for us, after a year of only losing foods we have gained 4! Wheat we finally passed for FPIES but he has our family gluten allergy so it is still out but at least doesn’t cause projectile vomiting!

Not trialed, so avoiding – Turkey, Currants, Acai, Figs, Agave

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